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The Wriggler™ - Anti-Roll Changing Mat


The Wriggler Anti-Roll Changing Mat with straps for a happy baby and toddler nappy change!

''I love it so much and can easily say it has made my life much easier, calmer and happier,'' Farwah, mum to 17 month old
The Wriggler, the multi-award winning Anti-Roll Changing Mat gives calm, wriggle-free nappy changing anywhere. This travel changing mat with straps has an adorable bear character and is specially designed for once baby rolls over during diaper changes or when your toddler hates nappy changes. When you kneel on the kneepads it gently anchors both mat and baby in place so there’s no more rolling over and crawling away, meaning your hands are free for fast and easy changing.

Customer Reviews

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Beth F
Does the job it's made for, but any willy grabbers will still grab!

Does the job! I think my son also likes the way the arms sort of hug him - he doesn't like nappy changes at the best of times but this seems to calm down the crying a bit! It's also very nicely padded!

A few minor things I would say (I was toying with a 4 star rating but decided they didn't stop the purpose of the changing mat so have still given it 5): you can't change their vest if there's poo on it until they're out of the mat, which is obvious but it's just something to bear in mind as ideally you'd take it off over their legs rather than over their head if there's poo, but if they're wriggly anyway this would always have been difficult. Another thing is we're not entirely sure what the strap around the neck area is for - perhaps to fold and secure it further once it's folded away but it doesn't do it that easily?! Thirdly, I'd say my son can twist a bit more than 90 degrees, which is a bit more than I expected but as long as you're anchored on the kneepads it's fine, and if anything helps me see the offending area a bit more! There's also a little bit of detailing on the mat that we keep mistaking for a bit of poo, but it's just a small brown line - could do with this not being there or being a longer line like the others! Finally, this WON'T solve the issue with boys who incessantly grab their willies! So I am still wiping one handed, and it's a little difficult to stop him grabbing and getting poo on his hand from the angle I have to be at because of the kneepads, but before this changing mat there wasn't really any angle I found that totally worked to stop him grabbing (though I would usually opt for sideways lying), and at least now he's not rolling as well!

Just thought I'd be this detailed in case anyone is in the same boat as me. It eliminates the rolling so it's worth it, AND seems to have a calming effect, just doesn't solve the grabbing if you've got a boy with long arms!

Hi Beth, wow what a detailed and informative review! Firstly, I'm delighted to hear you're finding that The Wriggler makes nappy changing easier and that it seems to calm your son. We take your point about the vest change and do recognise that at times it is helpful to be able to pull their vests downwards for the really messy changes. The purpose of the strap at the neck is simply to help fold it. You can put the strap across before folding in the sides of the mat and folding it up for a neater finish (there's a video on the FAQ page that shows this). The mat is built to grow with your child and work from 6 months to potty training or age 3 so this is why there is still a little room for movement but I'm glad to hear the kneepads are doing the trick at anchoring mat and baby in place to get the job done. Point taken about the 'willy grabbing' lol! I'm sure you've tried toys and other objects of interest as a redirection strategy and if that doesn't work, at least your knees on the kneepads give you one hand to wipe and one to manage the grabbing! Thanks again for such detailed feedback, we really appreciate it and take it all into consideration for future improvements. Kind regards, Aileen.

Sharon Collier
Good product

Really good product and amazing idea to the wriggling stage. Unfortunately I think my little man has had too much spinach and has managed to rip the Valero off the bottom of one of the sides of the mate bless him 🙄. Really good product and would recommend to anyone that’s tearing there hair out changing amyhere little ones bum.

Hi Sharon, thanks for your review and we're delighted to hear you're finding it amazing for the wriggling stage. I'm so sorry to hear the Velcro tore on one side, this should not happen. I've popped a replacement in the post which you should receive soon. Thanks again for taking the time to leave us your feedback, it's much appreciated! Kind regards, Aileen.

Bridgeen McDeremott
Just what we needed for our little wriggler

Love it. Thank you so much & very fast delivery to Australia.
I wish I had of known about this when i had my first baby.

Hi Bridgeen, thanks so much for your lovely review! We're delighted that you're finding it useful and that you're happy with the service! Kind regards,

Great gift

I bought this as a gift for my sister's one year old. She's amazed by it so I'm happy too!

Hi Rob,
Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! We're delighted your sister is happy with her gift and that puts you in the good books as best uncle ever! Kind regards, Aileen.

Lauren Goodfellow

Just what I needed. I take it everywhere with me now. Thank you!

Thanks for your review Lauren! We're delighted to hear it's making life easier and you can take it with you when you're out and about.
Kind regards

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