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The Wriggler™ - Anti-Roll Changing Mat

The Wriggler Anti-Roll Changing Mat with straps for a happy baby and toddler nappy change!

''I love it so much and can easily say it has made my life much easier, calmer and happier,'' Farwah, mum to 17 month old
The Wriggler, the multi-award winning Anti-Roll Changing Mat gives calm, wriggle-free nappy changing anywhere. This adorable bear character changing mat with straps is specially designed for once baby rolls over during diaper changes or when your toddler hates nappy changes. When you kneel on the kneepads it gently anchors both mat and baby in place so there’s no more rolling over and crawling away, meaning your hands are free for fast and easy changing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews

Great product. Does exactly what is says and has made nappy changes a lot easier with 8 month old baby.

Thank you James for taking the time to leave is your review! We're so happy that The Wriggler is making nappy changes easier with your 8 month old! Kind regards, Aileen.

Thank heavens for the Wriggler!

I’ve been using the wriggler for about 2 weeks with my 10 month old and it’s a game changer! Before, my wee girl had decided to roll, try to crawl off the changing mat, and frequently stand up during changes; you can imagine the carnage during messier nappy changes! It was taking two of us to change her each time. Though initially not a fan of the Wriggler, she now tolerates it sulkily as Mummy delightedly changes her whilst retaining control! Fabulous product, can’t recommend it enough and really lovely customer service with a wee note and gift.

Hi Anne-Marie, thanks so much for such a lovely review! We're thrilled that The Wriggler has made nappy changing so much easier with your 10 month old and that it's a less messy affair all round! Thanks so much for taking the time to send us your feedback, we really appreciate it! Kind regards, Aileen.


Honestly the best thing I have purchased. Makes nappy changing so much easier. Would definitely recommend

Thank you so much Nafeesa for such a lovely review of The Wriggler anti-roll changing mat. We are delighted it is making nappy changing so much easier. Thanks for taking the time to give us the feedback. Aileen

Changing time game changer

My wriggly 11m old is so much less stressful to change now we have The Wriggler. Thank you for such a great product. Saves lots of time and stress, very well made, easy to get baby in and out. I would highly recommend for wriggly babies.

Thanks Gianna for your lovely review! We're so happy that The Wriggler is making changing time easier and less stressful. We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback, thank you! Kind regards, Aileen.

The wriggler

It's a brilliant changing mat my only criticism is that u have to change the baby on your knees and it's a killer on the back but otherwise it works like a dream

Hi Debra. That for taking the time to send us feedback on The Wriggler changing mat. We are delighted it is working so well for you and making changing easier. Aileen

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