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The Wriggler™ - Portable, Anti-Roll Changing Mat

The Wriggler Anti-Roll Changing Mat with straps for a happy baby and toddler nappy change!

''I love it so much and can easily say it has made my life much easier, calmer and happier,'' Farwah, mum to 17 month old
The Wriggler, the multi-award winning Anti-Roll Changing Mat gives calm, wriggle-free nappy changing anywhere. This adorable bear character changing mat with straps is specially designed for once baby rolls over during diaper changes or when your toddler hates nappy changes. When you kneel on the kneepads it gently anchors both mat and baby in place so there’s no more rolling over and crawling away, meaning your hands are free for fast and easy changing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Makes every change so much easier

5 star product that's undoubtedly made every change so much easier for our 15 month old. I was a bit dubious at first of claims for this product. I decided to purchase it after frankly having to wrestle my toddler for every change to lie still whilst juggling her home care (our nurseries are shut in Scotland to all but key workers) and full time work had left me near tears. So I had pinned a lot of hope on The Wriggler mat helping... and I can confirm it absolutely has done.
The product was beautifully packaged and arrived with a personal note from Aileen and team, together with some free socks for me. I was so impressed I took photos!
My little girl took to it straight away, she was quite interested in the bear design. She's happy to lie on the mat and even carries it, once folded up, to and from our bathroom where we store the changing kit. She lies still (with a toy in hand) for each change!
I 100% recommend this to any stressed out parents like me out there, particularly due to the pandemic. This product really has made a difference to us and does exactly what it said it will - makes wrestling changes into cuddles with your little one.
Thank you team Wriggler x

Thank you so much Fiona for taking the time to give us such fantastic feedback on The Wriggler. We are so delighted it has taken the frustration out of nappy changing. We love that your little girl loves the changing mat too. Wishing you continued stress free changing, and thanks again for taking the time to let us know. Aileen

Life changer!

Really amazing product and I would recommend it to every frustrated parent! Very well designed and the baby get used to the new routine quickly. Thank you for inventing it!

Hi Marzena, we are so happy The Wriggler is such a game changer for you at nappy changing time. Thanks for taking the time to send us such lovely feedback. Aileen

Game changer!!

This product has quite simply revolutionized my life! My third son is the most wriggly little one ever and I am now able to change his nappy without any issues.
Additionally he seems really quite taken with the mat and as soon as I get it out he comes over to lay down on it!
A million thanks to the genius who came up with the concept! Love it!!

Hi Robyn, Thank you so much for the fab review of The Wriggler. We are delighted it has helped so much with the nappy change! It is also so cute that your son likes the bear too. Thanks again, Aileen

Fantastic, worth every penny

I wish I had invested in this item sooner. Nappy time is so much less frustrating. Thank you so much for inventing this xx

Hi Jane,
We are so glad you are finding The Wriggler such a help at nappy changing time. Thanks also for taking the time to send us a lovely review! Aileen

It’s been a godsend!

I remember reading about The Wriggler when our little boy was only a few months old and would lie obediently on his mat for changes. I never thought I would need to buy one but fast forward six months or so and nappy changes had become a battleground! It took two people to change our son - one to hold him down to stop him crawling away and the other to change the nappy - and he became so frustrated. The Wriggler has been an absolute godsend and nappy changes are no longer a two person job. Our son is much calmer during changes and actually seems to quite like being strapped in the mat. He even likes to play with the mat when it’s not in use. Would highly recommend to all parents of wriggly babies. Customer service is excellent too.

Hi Sarah,
We are delighted The Wriggler has been a Godsend and has such a calming effect on your son at nappy changing time. The struggle is real! Thank you for taking the time to give such lovely feedback. Aileen

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