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The Wriggler™ - Anti-Roll Changing Mat



The Wriggler Anti-Roll Changing Mat with straps for a happy baby and toddler nappy change!

''I love it so much and can easily say it has made my life much easier, calmer and happier,'' Farwah, mum to 17 month old
The Wriggler, the multi-award winning Anti-Roll Changing Mat gives calm, wriggle-free nappy changing anywhere. This travel changing mat with straps has an adorable bear character and is specially designed for once baby rolls over during diaper changes or when your toddler hates nappy changes. When you kneel on the kneepads it gently anchors both mat and baby in place so there’s no more rolling over and crawling away, meaning your hands are free for fast and easy changing.

U.S. Pat. No. 11,284,728

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Alice King

Very happy with it. Worth the money for sure.

Hi Alice, we're thrilled that you're happy with your purchase, thanks for letting us know! Aileen.

Kelly Shreeve
Absolute life saver!!!

I was skeptical but thought this was worth a try since my little girl is a wild child and rolls as soon as she’s laid down. I am so glad I have this product in my life! My little girl wasn’t keen at first, she laid still but seemed a little upset/afraid but after a few days she got used to it and has not tried to roll over once! She will quite happily lay there and let me change her now for as long as needs be I even managed to cut her nails whilst she was there too again something that’s impossible to do usually. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, don’t even think twice!

My only feedback is it’s not very pretty, not keen on the colour and it’s quite a warm material to lay baby on but nothing major.

Hi Kelly, thanks so much for your fabulous feedback. We're thrilled it's making changing time easier and appreciate your comments on the design. Kind regards, Aileen.


I received my changing mat and just want to say it's absolutely fabulous. I had been really struggling changing my ten month olds nappy for some time. I remembered that I had seen on dragons den your changing mat some time ago and managed to find you during a quick Google search.

Sarah W
Amazing Mat!

I bought this for the parents of a 11 month old baby and have given below their thoughts:

Thank you so much for the changing mat. It has helped so much. Nappy changes have become so challenging and we were actually dreading them, and the mat really helps - we're really grateful!

Hi Sarah, thanks so much for asking for feedback from the parents you gifted The Wriggler to! We're delighted to hear changing time has gone from being challenging to being so much easier! Kind regards, Aileen.

Game changer

We struggled with a turbo wriggler! Our baby just would not stay still for a nappy change. One minute he was fine then just like that he changed!
I’d end up exhausted after a day of chasing him around the house trying to change a dirty nappy.
We tried everything from changing him standing up or sitting down, pull on nappies, music, playing games, cheering, favourite toys - you name it. In the end I searched online for tips on how to change a baby on the move and the wriggler popped up.
We watched the video and read the reviews and promptly added ourselves to the waiting list!
It was worth the wait. Our son finds the mat a calming place and doesn’t even attempt to wriggle. It was an instant transformation of which I just could not believe. He even tries to fold it after we use it!
There are lots of things we have invested in since having a baby - some good and some not so good. But this little gem was worth every penny. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius and has obviously suffered as we did! We recommend this to new parents wherever we go.

That has captured our entire goal for The Wriggler. Thank you so much! We really appreciate you sending your feedback. James

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