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The Wriggler™ - Anti-Roll Changing Mat


The Wriggler Anti-Roll Changing Mat with straps for a happy baby and toddler nappy change!

''I love it so much and can easily say it has made my life much easier, calmer and happier,'' Farwah, mum to 17 month old
The Wriggler, the multi-award winning Anti-Roll Changing Mat gives calm, wriggle-free nappy changing anywhere. This travel changing mat with straps has an adorable bear character and is specially designed for once baby rolls over during diaper changes or when your toddler hates nappy changes. When you kneel on the kneepads it gently anchors both mat and baby in place so there’s no more rolling over and crawling away, meaning your hands are free for fast and easy changing.

U.S. Pat. No. 11,284,728

Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
The reviews were true!

We have a BIG 10 month old who immediately started wriggling as soon as he touched the change table. We weren't sure if the reviews for The Wriggler were really true, but we were desperate so we made the purchase. And what can I say? The reviews were true! I don't know what kind of sorcery this product uses but it really works. Our boy is muuuuch calmer and has never tried to wriggle ever since using this product. I think the mechanism is that the wriggling requires by babies first trying to rotate their upper body, but when their shoulders are (gently) constrained they don't try to do this. And what we've noticed is that the product has seemingly re-programmed him, too: now he doesn't try to wriggle even if we don't use the product!

One observation though: we only noticed after purchasing that the product is supposed to be used on the floor. My wife and I have bad backs so this was not an option for us. I don't think the company would tell you this for safety reasons, but we found that the product still works well if used on the change table.

Also: spectacular customer service. These are good people and this is a good product.

Wow thank you Carlos for such a fabulous review! We're so thrilled that The Wriggler has helped you and your wife change your baby and that you're happy with our customer service! We're so grateful that you took the time to leave us feedback, thanks again! Aileen.

Love it but…

This product is awesome, seriously a game changer for our thrashing, rolling, wailing one year old daughter during diaper changes. She doesn’t seem to mind it at all, and I feel so much better about being able to clean her properly and get the job done quickly. My only complaint is that it almost doesn’t fit her now so in a couple of months I don’t think I’ll even be able to secure the Velcro. She is an adverse sized one year old so I would love to see this in more than one size please!!

Hi Alysia, thanks so much for your review, I'm delighted The Wriggler has made changing time so much easier! Thanks for your feedback on sizing rest assured we have designed it so that the placement of velcro on the straps make the size adjustable so it will grow with your little one. It has been tested comfortably up to age 3. Thanks again! Aileen.

Trisha Fox

Amazing product

Delighted you're happy with it Trisha! Thanks for your feedback! Aileen

Dad of 9 months old wriggler
Fantastic product- problem solved

Our 9 month old son has become impossible to change due to a strong urge he seems to have to flip over on his belly and try to stand. Absolute nightmare when its a big pooey nappy! The wriggler has restricted him from doing this while we change him, and although he hated it at the start he is learning to calm now quickly enough to get the job done. Doesn't work great on changing table, but works brilliantly on the ground. Quality made product, hassle free delivery, a life changer highly recommended.

Thanks so much for such a lovely review! We're thrilled to hear the wriggler has solved the problem of the wriggly nappy change and really appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback! Kind regards, Aileen.

Thank you!

I would just like to thankyou for helping me and my baby boy. He had just turned 1 year old this October and developed a bad persistent nappy rash. He could never stay still during nappy changes. What's more, the nappy changes were more frequent due to treating his nappy rash...
I could never hold him still, he never wanted to lay down because the changes were uncomfortable for him due to his rash.
I tried other options to hold him down. But they all seemed to be barbaric and unsafe. I became quite distressed and anxious. I am sure my son was aswell. I was at a loss of what to do. I wasn't coping.

You guys were hard to find as you are located overseas. But I googled for a solution...and I found your website. You luckily shipped to Australia. As soon as I received your product (which didn't take too long by the way) my life changed. I was finally able to hold him still safely and he also wasn't uncomfortable. There was no way he could wriggle or hurt himself if he tried to move, roll, or wriggle away. The amount of psychological pressure, stress and anxiety that your product has taken off me. My son and I can now approach the nappy change knowing its now much easier given your product. My son doesn't cry when he is put down on his back on the mat. He doesn't cry when I strap him into the mat. He is safe and snug and he is still able to play with toys and move his arms all while he is being hugged by the straps of the mat.

I just wanted to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thankyou thankyou and thankyou 💓 💖 💗

I've purchased x4 of your Mats. I cannot risk going anywhere without one. I love your product and I will never forget how it helped my parenting journey.

Wow what a special review Hollie, thank you! We're absolutely delighted to hear The Wriggler has had such a profound impact for you and your son, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! Kind regards, Aileen.

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