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The Wriggler anti roll changing mat on live national television!

The creators of The Wriggler travel changing mat on Tv

James and I will forever remember the day we went on live national television!


It's safe to say we were both a bag of nerves as we drove to the Virgin Media television studios for our slot on Ireland:AM's Boost My Business show. No matter how often we discussed it or practiced how we might answer the questions, you're never quite sure if the words will come out or if your body will betray you when the time comes...

Luckily, from the moment we stepped into the studios, we were met with positivity and encouragement. We met two great entrepreneurs who were sharing the slot with us, Sharon from and Sarah from We also met the bubbly food blogger and author Sinead Delahunty who was preparing to go a cooking demo before us. Chatting about our experiences definitely helped calm the nerves (to some extent!)

Everything became that bit more real when we stepped on set though! Watching Mark Cagney and Laura Woods carry on with their segments while we stood behind camera and watched would have been fascinating and exciting if we weren't distracted by the fact that it would be our turn in a few short minutes!

Thankfully though, when the camera did finally turn to us, Mark could not have been a more friendly, encouraging interviewer. He seemed genuinely impressed with The Wriggler anti-roll changing mat and completely put us at ease - it felt like we were just standing chatting to him in the street, which really helped us forget about the tens of thousands of eyes watching us from their couches at that exact moment! And before we knew it, our two minutes were up and it was all over.

Or in many ways, that was just the Boost My Business really did boost our business and we've been thrilled with the response ever since. We're extremely grateful to Ireland:AM for inviting us on to help us get the word out about The Wriggler.  

Watch the segment here (our slot starts 4 minutes in):



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